PISS-ed Off On The Cannonball Express

by Adam Bertrand · July 14, 2008

    Canonball expressHeading out East on a Friday from Penn at 3:58? You are not alone. The famed Cannonball goes express to the first stop: Westhampton and continues to the Bays, Southampton, and yada yada yada. The train is packed with mostly 20 and 30 something’s headed out to their share houses. Half the train is standing room only and if it wasn't for the copious amounts of beer that train-goers consume, people would be a lot PISSIER.

    Speaking of, where does all that beer consumption lead to? Apparently the bathroom. Long lines on the Cannonball generally lead to one of the FEW bathrooms on the train. By the time the train is about to make it's first stop there are a lot of people whose bladders are about to BURST. Why is that? The alternative of having a painfully full bladder is actually going to the bathroom. When you see what it looks like by the middle of the ride, it's clear why people have pained looks on their face from "holding it".

    So think twice before you break the seal or pick up that six pack of Bud, because if you actually have to use the bathroom you might want to pack a wet suit OR those fisherman's pants/boots thing. You're gonna need it.