Post-Prom Parties, Hampton's Style

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 5, 2008

    [Gossip Girl's ball and post-brunch, modeled after real-life?]

    The after hours following my prom consisted of playing poker in our gymnasium at our parent-led post-prom party and then heading over to whomever was brave enough to host the 20+ 18-year-olds for breakfast around 5am. It was pretty Midwest, and very PG. Something tells me that the kids who's live out here, (you know the ones that have primetime television shows MODELED after them), do things a little different.

    Try dinner and dancing at the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue for one. That's right, Tuesday night, the future PMCers were walking out on their own red carpets, hailing from Collegiate, Browning, Brearley, Hewitt, Spence, and Nightingale-Bamford. And their post-prom parties? Well, let's just say wasn't invited...But drivers to the Hamptons were....

    "In the past, and after other recent private school proms, students have headed to houses in the Hamptons, where they bring overnight bags and celebrate in the privacy of the country, often guarded by hired security officers."

    "People at the Upper East Side school Dalton are planning such a party, complete with a legal waiver parents must sign promising not to sue the hosts should something happen to their children. The after-party is so popular that it has a waiting list, filled with the names of about half the members of the senior class, a source said." -NY Sun

    Any party where you're forced to sign a wavier sounds like a good time...(smart move by the hosts). With all the space out east to really run around in, these rascals are sure to get into loads of trouble, which will be good preperation for their ivy league autumns ahead. Also, if Gossip Girl does in fact do another season (please god!), they better get some of their footage for it this summer: Hamptons' Style.