Quintessentially Lifestyle Will Transform Your Summer, Starting Out With A Kick Off BBQ

by Dena Silver · July 6, 2012

    Time is such a valuable asset, and life is short, so why waste a moment of your time planning elaborate day to day activities when you can hire a luxury concierge service to do just that. Quintessentially Lifestyle is a global concierge that promises their services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And because their services are global, you can take advantage of them wherever you go.

    Just imagine planning a trip to a foreign country, let's just say Turkey, and you really have no clue what to do. That's when you place a call to Quintessentially Lifestyle, giving them the opportunity to plan your trip of a lifetime, complete with a stay in a hotel inside a museum where some of the perks include hot air balloon rides and a golf course located on a Unesco World Heritage Site. Maybe you'll find yourself in London, where Quintessentially will make it possible for you to visit the exclusive members only hangout spot Apartment 58, where you will mingle with A-List celebs and a roster of "Sinners & Saints."

    [The Museum Hotel, Apartment 58 ]

    From shutting down the Egyptian pyramids to throw a rather insane party to creating a memorable marriage proposal on an iceberg, complete with champagne, Quintessentially Lifestyle is a tool that if used correctly can propel your life into a direction you never saw coming.

    This weekend, Quintessentially Lifestyle is heading out East to show the Hamptons how to properly take advantage of the sumertime. Their BBQ kick off party will be hosted at the ever chic Southampton Social Club giving non-members a taste of the world they can one day be a part of, and will provide current members with a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

    All summer long Quintessentially will be leading the way in Hamptons entertainment with a variety of activities planned, including Bridgehampton Polo after parties, health and wellness classes courtesy of Blueprint Cleanse and FITiST, a sunset concert series and a wide array of after parties and charity events to benefit the local community.

    “Quintessentially East Access” will be available for members to purchase, providing them access to all Quintessentially Event programming in the Hamptons this summer and access to VIP ticketed events in addition to priority dinner and table reservations at Southampton Social Club.

    [Kamalaya Wellness Retreat, Four Seasons Milan]

    Go HERE to see more information about this weekends BBQ Kick Off Party!

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