Southampton By The Numbers

by Adam Bertrand · May 14, 2008

    [Images via Rehfla and Business Week]

    9- number of Puritans who alighted upon Conscience Point in 1640

    55,000- approximate population in the fall, winter, and most of spring

    100,000- approximate population in the summer

    10 - number of public beaches

    3- rank awarded to Coopers Beach in Dr. Beach's Top Beaches 2007

    4- rank awarded to Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

    1- bedroom in the original Old Halsey House, when it was erected in 1649

    29- bedrooms in Ira Rennert's Fair Field Estate, when it was erected in 1999

    2006- Year Feds threatened to seize Fair Field Estate if Rennert failed to pay his retirees' pensions

    $108- cost to fill up a Land Rover

    $439.99- cost of a Schwinn "Debutante" Cruiser

    $110,000- cost of Clondyke, a Holsteiner gelding

    14- varieties of wine grown at the Channing Daughters Winery

    2007- Year in which NYT wine critic Howard Goldberg called Channing Daughters Wine "consistently vivacious," while his Food and Wine compatriot deems the whites "some of the best I'd tasted from any American Winery"

    $2,110- Alice + Olivia Pleated Sleeveless Dress ($385) + Christian Louboutin Libelle Sandals ($895) Brian Atwood Randall Clutch ($830) good for one night at Pink Elephant

    $25,000- Price of one Methuselah of Dom Perignon at Pink Elephant

    Can't wait to see you there!