Superman Sir Ivan

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 19, 2008

    sir-ivanI have been hearing about Sir Ivan's Castle in Watermill since the first week I ventured out here. At 15,000 square feet it has two towers with separate master suites, 10 bathroom, spa, gym, billiard and game rooms, themed guest bedrooms (Roman, Egyptian and Balinese), a Versace-inspired infinity pool, tennis courts, NBA Basketball court and sand volleyball court.  Best of all? It has a MOAT complete with a drawbridge.

    So just who is this Sir Ivan???

    Sir Ivan: Banker-turned-singer, peace activist and television celebrity, Sir Ivan has led a life that movies and dreams are made of. Ivan Wilzig, the eldest son of Siggi B. Wilzig; Auschwitz survivor, legendary financier and philanthropist – turned his back on his family’s multi-billion dollar banking business to reinvent himself as Sir Ivan and follow his dream of pursuing a career in music.

    He also recently took center stage at Metro NY Balloon & Music Festival at Calabro Airport in Brookhaven, opening for Destiny's Child.

    Summer's not over yet, and I plan on checking out the Castle in the very near future;)