Tenjune's The Estate: A Fact Sheet

by Adam Bertrand · June 26, 2008

    the estate

    Molly Sims and Paris Hilton have partied here, holding court from various Pottery Barn thrones, but The Estate is not a nightclub, not a restaurant, not a hotel. What it is, really, is a smart house, a house-cum-concierge, fully equipped to handle desires both physical (round-the-clock chefs, fully stocked bar, olympic-sized pool, tennis courts, a spa), and agenda-related.

    Staying at The Estate is like living with a personal genie, or at least that's the idea. Owners Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum often allocate it to high rollers for whom the nightclub scene has lost its luster, the kind of people "any club would like to have in but they're not wearing a sign that says 'Hey did you know I'm the richest person in the room?'." If you're VIP, know it, but your face/body don't show it, or if you're a club-shirking celebrity, The Estate just might be your bag, baby.