Top Essentials For Your Beach Bag!

by Anna Lombardi · June 13, 2011

    It's finally sunny out after such a rainy weekend! Nothing is worse than finally getting to the beach, and opening your bag to find an old Cosmopolitan magazine and leaky oil. A beach bum myself, I have perfected the list of essentials to pack that will keep you in the sun all day without missing a thing!

    1. Baby powder. This is my secret weapon. My mom used to pour it on my body in the parking lot of Robert Moses before getting me into cozy clothes for the ride home. While I have had to give up stripping down in the parking lots of beaches, I do make sure to keep it in my beach bag at all time. Baby powder is perfect for getting rid of unwanted sand and it makes your skin feel super soft. I like to use it at the end of the day when the sun starts sinking.

    This kid knows what I am talking about... [photo via]

    2. A $20.00 bill. Just leave it in your bag. You may not use it all season, but you also may find that it will come in handy. Plus, if you don't use it at all, you end up having an extra 20 bucks at the end of the summer. It's a win, win!

    3. A Men's tailored Shirt. These have been a staple in my summer wardrobe forever. I do enjoy fun cover ups, but there is something more chic and classic about a crisp white men's tailored shirt over a bathing suit on the beach. You can throw it on to warm you up when it gets breezy later in the day, and not feel totally exposed if you stop off to grab groceries or a drink on the way home.


    4. The perfect read. I suggest keeping a light read on hand. This could be anything from a magazine to a funny novel. Light reads are nice to help you fall asleep, or let your mind rest a bit.

    5. Sunscreen protection for YOU. Everybody has different skin, and tans/burns differently. It is so important to make sure that you have the products that work for you on hand.

    Experts do say that you should be using at least an SPF of 15, so if you have more sensitive skin/want to be more protected, go higher!


    Personally, I love the Neutrogena sun products - check out the Sun section of their website to check out the full range of options that they have.

    6. Good tunes. Music is the best way to zone out. You don't want to drain your phone battery or ruin a fancy music player. A good solution is by investing in a iPod shuffle or using an old device that gets the job done. Deem the device your summer accessory, keep in charged at all times and leave it in your bag for the season. You will be overcome with joy when thinking ahead pays off.

    7. A solid, yet fashionable hat. The royal wedding really got some people thinking outside of the box this season. When choosing your hat wear for the beach, you want to make sure you don't look like a total noob. Choose something that is complimenting!


    8. A bottle opener. Nobody ever forgets to bring the booze, but for some reason an opener always goes overlooked. Sit back and cringe as one friend (there's always that one!) that will inevitably try to open their beverage with their mouth. After a few minutes of laughter, pat yourself on the back and bask in the compliments as you reach into your bag and whip out the accessory that will save the day!


    However, these are never okay. Cool concept, but a gnarley looking shoe. They also scream AA.

    Photo via]

    9. Mineral water spray. When I first saw this I thought it was the most pretentious thing to be carrying around. The truth is that hydration is key, and salt water can be drying of the epidermis. Give your skin the moisture that it yearns for!

    10. Deodorant. You never know who you'll run into or meet on the beach. Sometimes a day at the beach turns into late afternoon cocktails with new friends. Keep your preference in your bag so you can feel fresh and ready to take on the night.