Why Bellhaus Is A Belle House

by Adam Bertrand · May 30, 2008


    [Image via Bellhaus]

    Riddle me this, what is Bellhaus?  If you drive by it at night and take a glance, this new store could be an art exhibit: a building whose glass front reveals softly yet perfectly back-lit shelves filled with the hottest shoes and fabbest handbags. Racks of haute couture loom around a few staple pieces of furniture – all for sale.  And beauty, there’s beauty (as in skincare) and scented candles.  The settings are so gorgeous you almost don't want t disturb them by buying anything. Almost. I think Carrie Bradshaw would perhaps ditch her digs on E. 73rd to move into the new Bellhause store in Wainscott.  For Bellhaus has everything a denizen of the Manhattan/Hamptons scene could want.

    As the Summer Season ’08 opened this past Memorial Day Weekend, so did Bellhaus.  The sophisticated launch was hosted by Hamptons notable summer locals Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseuelos. This store is the brain-child of Shawn Bell who's left the luxury goods consumer wanting for nothing.  This TDF (to die for) store is stocked with all the right staples for men and women, among them Carolina Herrera, Lanvin, Sergio Rossi, Doo Ri, Kaufman Franco, the Cornelia Spa beauty line, Dr. Sebagh, and Vincent Longo.

    We hit up several parties this Memorial Day weekend, and the crowd at Belhaus was the most appreciated and refined.  We can look forward to a summer of personal “Getting to Know You” events with select designers as well as more summer evening soirees.

    The gift bags from this event were a MUST! I was beyond delighted to find mine stocked with generous items from Cornelia Day Spa, a gift card to Bellhaus, and a face scrub from John Allan’s among other things.  I can’t wait to go back and have my first amazing shopping experience!