Behold - The Perfect Summer Basket Bag!

by Christie Grimm · July 18, 2018

    Everyone has a summer list. Things to do, places to go, an insane body makeover to work on. And, most importantly, the things you'll be wearing as you accomplish it all.

    There's that perfect pair of PG13 shorts - you know, the kind where you can bend over and things are still cool, but when you're standing you don't look like a suburban mom. There's the casual sundress, the trendy pair of shades du jour, the sandals that will only give you horrible blisters once, and not every time that wear them. And, the perfect basket bag.

    Well, you're in luck. Say hello to the Natural Mini Jill Wicker Bag by J. McLaughlin. 

    First, it's the Goldie Locks of handbags. Not so big that it looks like you're literally going on a picnic, and not so small that you're walking around with bulging pockets.

    Second, it's got that perfect metropolitan, boxed shape and chic leather handles that do everything from work lunch to date night to summer Friday. 

    And lastly, it doesn't fall prey to the common basket bag seal of death - the Birkin complex. You are not Jane Birkin. Sorry to say it, but it's true. You are not rambling around the French countryside with your messy, perfect bangs. And so you have no business toting a round, lidded wicker number that at this point is more of a novelty item than a real accessory.