Turn Your Seashell Finds Into Chic & Sustainable Fine Jewelry Thanks To Hattie Banks

by Christie Grimm · June 16, 2021

    There's nothing quite like strolling down the beach, searching every stretch of sand for the perfect seashell - nature's precious reward for time well spent.

    Now, thanks to Hattie Banks, you can wear your ocean treasures in the absolute chicest way!

    The fine jewelry brand, known for their gorgeous designs and sustainably sourced stones, has just launched their Sea Dipped collection - a service which allows beachcombers to preserve and transform their shells into beloved pieces of jewelry, hand-dipped them in either 14K gold or sterling silver.

    "When I was younger, I would spend countless hours walking on the beach with my Mom, combing the sand to find all sorts of treasures," shares Founder Hattie Gilpin. "My favorite finds were sand dollars (better known as ‘mermaid money’). At the end of each day, we would sort through all of the treasures, and I would create jewelry.

    "Capturing this moment in time was the impetus for launching my Sea Dipped collection and the 'Dip Your Own Shell' initiative. My goal is to help my clients encapsulate and preserve their experiences and memories as one-of-a-kind mementos and pieces of fine jewelry.

    "The ocean is a constant source of inspiration for me. Therefore, I’ve partnered with See Turtles, which enables each customer to save 10 sea turtle hatchlings through their Hattie Banks ‘Sea Dipped’ purchase."

    [Photos courtesy Hattie Banks]