Hamptons It Girl Toby Milstein Takes Us Holiday Shopping Out East

by Christie Grimm · December 8, 2020

    The holidays in the Hamptons - what could be better?!

    It's been quite a year, but the silver lining of it all for many? Everyone's favorite summer spot has stayed merry and bright and totally "on" long into the usual "off season." 

    We caught up with our favorite Hamptonite Toby Milstein to grab all the fun, festive details on exactly how she's prepping for the gift giving season ahead at her favorite shop out East - Unsubscribed!

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    How will you be celebrating the holidays this year?
    I’ll be celebrating the holidays this year with my husband in Aspen! 

    It's our little honeymoon as we got married in October. 

    It will definitely be a new holiday sort of for us as we typically spend this time with family and friends. 

    Judah is a Hanukkah baby (hence his name!) so I’ll have to come up with a creative way to celebrate him in addition to the Festival of Lights.

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    How have you enjoyed sticking around in the off-season?
    We've spent the majority of this year in the Hamptons which has been really wonderful. It's been great being around in the “off-season” and I definitely feel an even more meaningful connection with the community and our surroundings. 

    While we've been very inactive and solitary compared to pre-2020 times (except for necessary Goldberg’s runs of course), we wake up with immense gratitude for the special light out east, and love frequenting the beaches near us. 

    It really is home. 

    Are you normally a last minute or a way-in-advance kind of shopper?
    I am a way-in-advance gifter in terms of thinking and planning - but the reality is, I am super last minute when it comes to actually going for it and purchasing. I love when my family and friends are direct or even casually tell me the things they’ve been wanting for a while and circling. I see that as the soundest approach to getting people what they actually want…so long as it’s in the “boo-jay” (“budget” as my friend Lewis Miller says). 

    Do you think you're a particularly good gift giver?
    I think I have become a good gift giver recently, but I always include a gift receipt. I don’t take it personally!

    What makes holiday shopping so hard?
    Holiday shopping can be challenging if you are indecisive or don’t know the people you’re gifting for well enough to choose the right thing. There's nothing better than walking into a shop that immediately gets your idea wheels turning about what to give whom!

    What are your favorite places to shop for amazing gifts?
    I am certainly not the only person that feels this way, but I feel like East Hampton gained a real gem in Unsubscribed. I am just so wow’ed by everything about the store, its mission-driven culture, incredible merchandise (I want everything!!!) and free spirited ethos. Every item in the shop - whether clothing, jewelry or accessories - is consciously-made, slow-fashion. 

    They have their own collection which they deliberately create only two seasons for (focusing on pieces that women will wear forever, a long time not just a good time!) and the rest, they source upcycled, vintage pieces or unique finds from designers who give back in a serious way to their communities. 

    Who's on your list this year?
    Family! Between mine and my husband’s big family, I have my work cut out for me. I’m kidding. It’s really something I look forward to as nothing makes me happier than bringing joy to the people I love with a little something. I even like making donations in people’s honors to causes that they care about.

    What do you think you'll get them?
    Unsubscribed made holiday shopping a one-stop shop for all of the women in my life! 

    I was immediately drawn to these cute candy bowls from ByRobynBlair for my grandma in Florida. They are a great gift for anyone in your life who has a sweet tooth (my grandma!!) or someone who likes a punch of color and fun in their home. They’re a great catch-all for keys, masks, jewelry etc. 

    I found a whole selection of fuzzy slippers that I thought would be perfect gifts for my sister and sister-in-laws. Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy slip-ons for around the house? I live in slippers these days. 

    [Get Toby's look: Alpaca Cable Cardigan ($425)]

    For my best friends (also like my sisters), I love Unsubscribed's jewelry, particularly their earrings which are both super well priced and fashionable. It’s kind of a tradition to give my best friend Sarah earrings and I love it when she tells me that she thinks of me every time she wears them. 

    Oh the joy of gifting!

    My mom is not an easy person to get the absolute best gift for, but this year was no issue at all. Unsubscribed had just the perfect thing: a cashmere set that I know my mom will live in. That is, if none of her children (including me) raid her closet first.

    I also really liked their candle set. I'm big on candles as a solid gift that works for truly anyone on your list. 

    Additionally, I am pretty obsessed with their embroidery game. 

    They have the softest cashmere beanies, great sweatsuits, and other things that are just asking for a monogram or fun design added to them. 

    The possibilities were endless and it was really fun to play around with the different colored spools and what I could potentially dream up in terms of personalized gifts. 

    I’m big on personalized gifts too - especially for newly married friends. 

    Time to flaunt that new monogram, girl. 

    Am I projecting?!

    What gifts would you most love to get?
    I absolutely loved their Sherpa jacket, so I hope a certain someone may be reading this!

    What's the best gift you've ever received?
    That is a tough question. I am definitely still on Cloud 9 from our wedding so the first thought that comes to mind is what Judah gave me on our wedding day: a gorgeous Sapphire and diamond wedding band that he designed with my family friend, Andrea Ulanoff of the Gemographist/AU Design. It is the “something blue” I could never have dreamt up myself. 

    He did well!

    [Get Toby's look: Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan ($288), Washable Silk Leopard Cami ($98) and Cashmere Jogger ($228)]

    How would you describe your style?
    I would say my style is really more on the classic, timeless end of the spectrum. I have fun with the occasional trend but don’t spend a lot on fads. I believe it’s important to invest in pieces that will be worn a million times and can never be pinned to a season. I think that’s one of the reasons why I love Unsubscribed's ethos so much. With that in mind, I consider these my personal essentials: a great pantsuit (hello Michael Andrews Bespoke), fun printed dresses, cashmere sweaters (Unsubscribed had so many I wanted!), well-constructed jumpsuits, and silk blouses. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with these staples and investing in good quality pieces.

    What are you most excited for next?
    I am really excited for time to ski and enjoy Colorado’s great outdoors in the winter season. I used to cross-country ski and hope to be able to get back into that. I would also love to do more snow-shoeing and other winter activities. I really feel most focused, clear and inspired in nature. Time to start thinking about 2021 and setting goals.

    Visit Unsubscribed at 73 Main Street in East Hampton, NY. Or feel free to give them a ring and place an order over the phone to be delivered straight to your home at 631.527.2018!

    [Photos by Wil Weiss]