The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts... Survival Kit In A Sardine Can

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 26, 2009

    So you might think there would be no need for a survival kit in the Hamptons. After-all, what would you possibly need to survive here? But we beg to differ. This handy-dandy kit has everything you need to make it through a weekend of events, parties, and late nights out. It has a compass if you have no idea where you wake up in the morning after a rough night at Pink Elephant (staying in Southampton and end up in Hampton Bays the next morning? Problem solved)... A first aid kit in case you fall off those banquettes at Dune or get brush burn from swinging on those ropes. Non-aspirin pain relievers for those hangovers, chewing gum for when you spot cute boys, safety pins for fashion mishaps, and a whole load of other useful supplies - 25 in total. And the best part is they all fit in a container the size of a sardine can. You can thank us come Sunday morning.