St. Tropez: The Hamptons Of The European Union

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · June 4, 2010

    The Hamptons are supposed to be a relaxing vacation spot for weary New Yorkers.  But between waiting a month for a reservation at Nick and Toni's and running into everyone you've ever met at Navy Beach, Hamptons life can be exhausting.  What's a yuppie to do?  Head to St. Tropez!

    True, this infamous South-of-France locale pretty much served as the model after which many Hamptons establishments were fashioned (ahem, Sunset Beach), but still.  It's France!  The clubs are cooler and the women are hotter.  We all know no pretentious conversation is complete without a good "well when I was in Europe..." quip and that name-dropping douche might as well be you.  Anyway, all Hamptonites should go at least once in their lives: it's basically educational. So Kayak yourself a flight, read up on how to fit in and enjoy.

    [Photos: Portofino Harbor in Portofino on the Italian Riviera; Fun Sized Daiquiri's at Villa Romana in St. Tropez]