Sweet 16 Gets 1,500 Unwanted Guests Thanks To Facebook

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 6, 2011

    Blame it on the (Face)book. In Germany, a girl made a Facebook event for her "Sweet 16" and made the lethal mistake of forgetting to make it "private". Eventually 15,000 people caught wind and clicked "attending," although only about 1,500 showed up at her doorstep.


    Thessa, the birthday girl, made sure she did not go to her house that day, in hopes that people would leave once they arrived to an empty house, but the party continued without her. The Associated Press reports,

    "Some revelers held up signs asking 'Where is Thessa?' others brought birthday presents and homemade cake, there was lots of alcohol and the crowd chanted again and again, 'Thessa, celebrating a birthday is not a crime,' — in obvious relation to the massive police presence, Bild reported."

    The rager was so great that someone even felt entitled to a party favor. Apparently a "police officer was injured when he tried to keep a party reveler from breaking off the Mercedes-Benz logo of his patrol car." Oh you Germans and your antics, you're too much! And we love it.

    Oh, did we forget? Happy (belated) Birthday Thessa!