A Bicycle Built For Who? We Want To Know, Hermes

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 27, 2009

    [Picture from Hermes] Because we're wondering who's going to shell out $4,000 for this baby. But if we had the cash we might be tempted. For four grand, you get a classical style bike made out of lacquered stainless steel with a saddle in Taurillon Clemence leather. I don't even know what Taurillon Clemence leather is but it sure sounds good, and if the people at Hermes deem that it's worth a few months of Manhattan rent, then we would definitely like to be riding around Main Street on the orange two-wheeler.

    We're not sure if you can purchase the "surprise!", as the Hermes online boutique calls it, at the Hermes seasonal store which opened for the first time ever in East Hampton at 63 Main Street, until September 20th, but they do have a plethora of other goodies you can get your hands on, like a limited-edition Zebres beach towel ($530) and customized riding saddles. But let us know if you want to outfit the G of a G girls with a set of Hermes bicycles for the season. We've been searching for a new way to get around.