Clothes Make The Couple

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 27, 2009

    [Photo by ROB RICH] One of the reasons we fell in love with Surf Lodge last summer, was it's "casual" dress theme that the patrons have almost made a policy by now.  Summer is a time to stop worrying so much about what you look like, and start focusing on making memories.  Because, if last year taught us anything, this season goes by the fastest each time around. And, even though it's just begun, we need to make sure and treasure every single moment of it.  So, put down those make up brushes, throw on your best flops, and head out to Montauk to try out GofG's own Jesse O'Neill's creations on the stove.  If you need any inspiration, you can turn to these two at the top. Don't they look swell?