Clothes Make The Couple

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 5, 2009

    Ok, so we don't think that they're a couple in that sense. But they certainly are a couple of characters in those get-ups. They just have to know each other, because how else would they have perfectly coordinated the pocket squares and number of buttons to leave undone so the same amount of chest hair would be showing? And it's really quite amazing how the combination of neutrals and pastels don't overpower one another. Almost like they called each other on the phone before leaving the house and established a ban on all dark tones that might allow them to blend into the crowd. And check out the guy in the background clocking them. He's totally jealous. Or he's wondering why he left his jacket in the car. Just kidding, guys. You two were definitely two of the sharpest dressed gentlemen at Pink Elephant on our radar last Saturday.