Clothes Make The NBA Player

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 30, 2009

    [Knicks' player Chris Duhon with his mother, Vivian Harper]

    Some people left matching outfits behind with Crayolas back in Elementary school, but Chris Duhon and his mom were re-starting the trend at the Hamptons Golf Classic dinner held at Savanna's on Sunday night. Kicking it old school, they sported tops of varying coral shades over white pants for the night's cocktail and dinner festivities. Chris choose a sweater, but his mom, Vivian Harper, jazzed it up a bit with a collar-style halter with some decoration along the top. Not that Chris Duhon ever has trouble standing out in a crowd, but this certainly helped. With the whole family there for him as well as the Stand Tall Foundation, his charity the Hamptons Golf Classic is supporting this year, it's no wonder they were looking so festive.

    Adorable? We think so. But even more importantly, they both looked laid-back yet elegant, and the color complimented the summer night perfectly.

    Stay tuned for more of our coverage from the Hamptons Golf Classic!