H Is For Hamptons: The Nike Air Force 1 "Hamptons" Edition

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 8, 2010

    Who would turn down the opportunity to look fresh as hell in the Hamptons?  Well here's an easy way to achieve total baller status (like Nelly! In 2002, that is..) with the "Hamptons" Edition Nike Air Force 1.

    They may look like any other pair of crisp white AF1's, but look a little closer and you'll see there's an H embellished on the tongue of the shoe.  And that H stands for Hamptons.  Obviously. Just to be sure we weren't being tricked into buying just any old pair of kicks, we did a little comparison of our own:

    Seeeeee?  TOTALLY different.

    So if Sperrys strike you as a little too preppy, Havianas a little too surfer, and regular AF1s a little too...Nelly...these classed-up Nikes are just the pair for you.

    Soon you'll be singing just like Nelly, "Give me two pair, I need two pair, so I can get stompin' in my air force ones.."

    [Photo 1 via HypeBeast, Photo 2 via Finish Line, Photo 3 via SneakerNews.com]