Interview With A JewJetter: JRL Prepares For His Hamptons 2010 Jew-Debut

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 7, 2010

    Already flaunting his reputation as the number one mischief maker in NYC, Justin Ross Lee has also been bringing his debaucherous nightlife antics to the East End every summer.  With his Hamptons debut imminent, we thought we'd check in with our favorite JewJetter and see what's on his agenda for Summer 2010.

    So first, something we've all been wondering: what's this business with being hell bent on raising a ruckus at just about every nightlife venue in NYC?  While we obviously understand the need for attention, we also wonder if perhaps this is just a byproduct of his ridiculousness?

    "Nightlife in New York is sensationalism bred with bullshit. My strategy? If I have one it is to be 100% bona fide. I refuse to suck the clip off a doorman’s board. As one of the loudest mouths on this isle, my presence at a venue has value-- some organizations get it, and others don’t. My “ridiculousness” stems from applying the same amount of self-respect I’d have looking down at a urinal."

    Blacklisted from just about every nightlife venue in Manhattan, summer horizons were looking a bit bleak for this Hamptons regular.  But a few recent strategic moves, and it looks like JRL will be back on the scene at Bridgehampton Polo and Dune.  And how does he feel about Lily Pond, the only Hamptons outpost he's actually still banned from...

    "Fag name for a joint anyways. Shouldn’t it be called Cesspool?"

    Right.  Such a mature "That's okay, I don't like you either!" move.

    As a Hamptons regular since childhood, he likes his clothes designer, his jets private, and his photos perfectly posed.  So who better to ask for some words of wisdom than a Facebook star with a flair for the outrageous?

    JRL on Aalex Julian:

    "Before I bypass him, I look forward to polishing his clean cranium with a soiled diaper. You know, the type worn by many of the children he lets into Tenjune."

    JRL on summer wardrobe choices:

    "I’ve always put the sucker in seersucker. But I’m over it. Trending that out this season. So you’ll see me at Polo as that paisley prick with the polished shtick."

    JRL on the perfect tan:

    "A cross between a bathroom attendant and a latke."

    JRL on women:

    "Go old early. Hamptons is saturated with late 30-somethings who haven’t “eaten” since Goldman “went down.” They’re short on time, don’t play games, and have great Stonehenge stories. Just remember: Even if she’s had the right work done, the ‘72 Pinto will still drive like a ’72 Pinto. Check the gas, fill the oil."

    And on that note, we're going to go vomit up our lunch.  Look out for the JRL Jew-Debut coming to a Hampton near you!  We can't wait to see him and his consistently (and questionably) tanned self out and about on the east end soon.

    [Photos via Facebook]