Hamptons Style: Maggie's Look Of The Week

by Maggie McGlinchy · July 27, 2011

    Let me tell you something. Making a polyvore is torture. I set out to make a polyvore for you fine people and what ends up happening is I find things that I didn't even realize I needed and then get really upset when I remember how much money I don't have to spend on clothes. But I still do it week after week. Why? For you fine people. So allow me to live vicariously through you and shop away!

    1. Coffee Sheer Side Tuck Chiffon Blouse, $70, Buy HERE

    2. M Missoni Crochet-knit mini skirt, $645, Buy HERE

    3. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Retro bralette, $54, Buy HERE

    4. Jeffrey Campbell Lace up platform ankle boots, $155, Buy HERE

    5. Susan caplan vintage jewellery GOLD, $775, Buy HERE

    6. Asos Tan Leather Strap Watch With Webbed Detail Gold Dial, $51, Buy HERE

    7. VANITIES Bracelet, $72, Buy HERE

    8. Grey Marl Jersey Bow Headband, $20, Buy HERE