Interview: Ben Watts Spills Some Secrets About This Year's Shark Attack Sounds Party

by Dena Silver · July 5, 2012

    We've said it once, and we will certainly say it again, we just can't wait for Ben Watt's Shark Attack Sounds Party. As we've watched the most epic party of the summer grow from just a little get together to the party of the summer, we lost track of the years, all 10 of them. That's right, this quintessential summer bash complete with A-List celebs, the most current DJs of the moment and more ridiculous get-ups than we can count, turns a decade old this year.

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    With Kanon Organic Vodka and Milk Studios sponsoring the event, as well as a DJ line up that includes DJ Cheeky Pantz, DJ Pun Geezy, Chelsea Leyland, MC Din 525, Carl Kennedy, Zen Freeman and Victor Calderone, we think this might be the best year to date. And who better to prove that to you than Ben Watts himself. Ben filled us in on all the little details we didn't know about Shark Attack Sounds, plus he gave us a little sneak peek of what to expect for this Friday evening. DJ Zen Freeman even put together a soundtrack in anticipation for the evening, and it sounds like the perfect pregame remix to me. Start mixing those drinks, and prepare for the shark bites, because it's the best time of year.

    When and when was your first 4th of July Party in Montauk?

    10 years ago this week at Poles Beach by the end of Ditch Plains, where it was for many years.

    How did the evolution into Shark Attack Sounds as it is called today come about?

    Ben Pundole, Mazdack Rassi and I have always called it Shark Attack Sounds, as we took the sound system down to the beach and we wanted to give it a bumpin' beach name. The name came from a Jamaican sound system, in carnival style.

    Would you say your party has followed the evolution of Montauk into the current zeitgeist? Do you think your party is, in part, responsible for this? Not really, our party has always been big and people have traveled to be apart of it.

    How do you keep things interesting? Are there any surprises you've done to keep your guests on their toes? Great DJs and lots of blowups. We promise an even bigger lineup this year with DJs Chelsea Leyland, Zen Freeman, Carl Kennedy and Victor Calderone.

    Without giving too much away, can you tell us what we can look forward to this year? Banging tunes, all night long

    [Ben Pundole, Chelsea Leyland, Din 525, Ben Watts via BFA]

    So will we see you on Friday night? Go HERE for more information about Shark Attack Sounds 2012.