Interview With Samantha Yanks From Hamptons Magazine

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 11, 2010

    If you know the Hamptons, you know Samantha Yanks.  Wife, mother, and Editor in Chief of Hamptons and Gotham Magazines, she's the one you go to for advice on where to shop, eat, drink, and hang out in New York.  But for those of you who have yet to have the pleasure to meet Ms. Yanks in person, we're bringing her insights to you on the best of the best in the Hamptons.

    Last weekend, Yanks hosted a shopping event at Temperley of London in East Hampton.  The girl's got style.  Her Hamptons wardrobe is a wonderful mix of both classic and contemporary designers, like Meghan Park, Catherine Malandrino (for her "great, easy and chic" dresses), Gregory Parkinson, Haute Hippie, 3.1 Philip Lim, and Calypso.  And while we're personally still trying to figure out how to manage anything but sneakers in those dreaded pebbled parking lots, Yanks insists she "wears heels at night, but [her] staple shoes at the beach are flats."  We're impressed.

    When asked about Hamptons shopping, her first reaction was "Don't get me started..." Her top picks?

    "On the new front, Balenciaga, Asprey, 25 Park, Courage B.  Some favorites that have been around for some time...Carleen Ligozio, Intermix, Gail Rothwell, Tomas Meier, Ralph Lauren's shops for clothing and the little hidden home shop in the back in Southampton, and La Perla."

    Need we repeat?  Girl's got style.

    And it doesn't stop there...she also has an in at just about every restaurant in the Hamptons.  She still considers Nick & Toni's her favorite Hamptons hot spot, and of course coyly added, "and I can actually get a table!" On her ideal Hamptons meal:

    "With my husband David at Red Bar in Southampton. My recommendation, start with the fois gras on toast and then have the roast chicken. Finish with anything they whip up for dessert - all delicious. We’ve had a lot of memorable meals there."

    With editorship over two major publications, it's pretty safe to call Yanks an arbiter of taste, especially when it comes to Hamptons tastes.  For a sneak-peek at what's going to be hot this summer, we inquired about her views on ideals for a handful of summery Hamptons necessitys.

    The Samantha Yanks Ideal Summer 2010...

    Nail polish color: Rainbow! (For her daughter, that is)

    Hamptons Magazine Cover Model: Can't play favorites, but is seriously looking forward to Kyra Sedgwick, Kelly Rutherford, and Polo playing sensation Nicolas Roldan.

    Saturday Afternoon: For her daughter, ice cream at Candy Kitchen.  For herself, a treatment at Barbara Close's spa Naturopathica or an at home yoga session and massage from Mark Brycman of Refresh Body.

    Swimsuit: For her daughter - Shoshanna.  Herself - Eres and Malia Mills.  Her husband - J.Crew and Vilebrequin.

    Outdoor Activity: Badminton

    Beach Read: Class with the Countess

    Housemate: Her husband (aww!)

    Eye Candy: Check out the July 4th issue of Hamptons magazine!  (But she's not looking, she's taken!)

    Keep an eye out for this Hamptons darling...she'll be the one perfectly dressed (and in heels!) at every hot Hamptons party, dining with her adorable husband and daughter at Nick & Toni's, or getting around in her favorite form of transportation - floating in her pool.  Charmed.