Suit Up!

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 9, 2009

    [Photo by Zappos] During the summer time, there have been instances where the beaches in the Hamptons look more like a beauty competition or fashion show then a casual day at the beach. There is certainly nothing wrong with looking good at the beach, but if you are wearing a bathing suit that is so couture it shouldn't get wet, then you are essentially wearing lingerie at the beach now, aren't you? This suit of the day is made by the reputable surfer company, Body Glove. Around since the 1950's, Body Glove originally designed body fitting wet suits and later moved onto bathing suits. This adorable suit not only can withstand intense beach activities such as body surfing or beach volleyball but literally fits your body like a glove. So if you plan on going to the beach to not just "look pretty", then this is the exact type bathing suit for you. More pictures below: