Suit Up!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 21, 2009

    So in honor of all these great waves coming your way this summer, we thought we'd feature a wet-suit for our Suit Up! today. We know, we know, the water is too warm to use one by now, but we thought it was rather fitting regardless. Plus, this suit is only 3/2mm, making it (almost) as light as a feather, and only $75.00 to boot. And it was also the perfect segway to tell you some hot spots for surfing (or watching hot surfers) this weekend. We'd suggest checking out Ditch Plains, Turtles and Terrace in Montauk, Tianna in Quogue, along with Georgica and Egypt in East Hampton. You might not want to actually wear this wet-suit if you don't plan to actually get on a board though. It's not exactly the most flattering look for spectating. [Suit Up!]