Swimsuit Styling From A True Expert: Tori Praver At Intermix East Hampton

by ZARAH BURSTEIN · July 15, 2010

    INTERMIX in East Hampton hosted a special styling event last weekend with renowned swimsuit designer and Sports Illustrated model Tori Praver. We sat down with Ms. Praver for a few minutes because, well, who better to ask for bikini advice than someone who used to wear one for a living?! 

    Tori Praver is an American model known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was discovered by a photographer at the ripe age of 13 on the Hawaiian island of Maui at a supermarket, and has since worked with fashion clients like Guess as well as the covers of Cosmopolitan and Glamour.  Her newest project is her swimsuit line, Tori Praver Swimwear. Here's what Ms. Praver had to say about beach style in the Hamptons.

    She first started by explaining where her inspiration comes from; the line is influenced by the designers she has worked with and her travels throughout the world, with the goal of making women “feel confident and sexy,” and with top of the line construction to stay on through the roughest of waves.

    A true beach bum at heart, Praver’s favorite spot in the Hamptons is one that reminds her of home. She elaborates,

    “My favorite place to go in the Hamptons is Montauk Surf Lodge. Growing up in Hawaii – I was an avid surfer and the atmosphere reminds me of home.”

    Praver’s must-have pieces for a Hampton’s beach weekend include:

    “A floppy beach hat, the latest magazine, and sunscreen.”

    Tori Praver                                     The display at Intermix

    As the 5’11 blonde walks through the Intermix store and goes through the swimsuits on the rack she comments while holding a red bikini against her surf-sculpted body that she “cannot live without a tiny bikini, especially this one!”