Midterms Have Nothing On NYC

by CLAIRE WILLETT · March 10, 2008

    pink martini [Photo via Pink Martini]

    Nous Ne Voulons Pas Travailler! Midterms may start today, but that doesn't mean we spent the weekend hunched over hardbacks and illegible notes (apart from a quick cappuccinoed couch sesh at Think). We actually like the idea of scholarly activities, of paying heavy library lip-service, interrupted only to deplete our dining dollars at the Starbucks across the street, but we aren't so good at making it a reality, baby. Manhattan's just too damn irresistible. We kicked things off by helping a friend turn, er, 21 with hazelnut cocktails at the White Rabbit Lounge, and scanning the sweaty beplaidened masses in Angels and Kings for its raven-haired founder and his chameleon love.

    After Saturday's rain and wind ruined two umbrellas, our favorite Malababa bag, and our Danish delivery, we opted for a domestic night fueled by Yellowtail and Lipstick Jungle (we are pathetically obsessed with Nico's glasses --who makes them???). Sunday morning we (a)toned to our spinning instructor's remixed George Clinton/Rihanna/Shakira medley. Luckily, the evening's soundtrack, the multicultured musings of Pink Martini at the Avery Fisher Hall, proved slightly more enjoyable, thanks in no small part to People Magazine editor-in-chief 's skillful work on the triangle. Sympathetique indeed!

    [Marquee Hosts...Ashlee Simpson]