Question Of The Week

by guestofaguest · March 9, 2008

    We asked the GofG staff: "What is your favorite thing to do when you have nothing to do, on a Sunday afternoon in NYC?" Here's what they had to say:

    "On Sunday afternoons we like to run up to Central Park and blow kisses at the polar bear. On the way back, we rummage among the 45 cent refuse at the Strand and take one man's trash to Cafe Pick Me Up (Thompkins Square Park), where we people watch as we pretend to read." (The Undergrad)

    "Wander through the East Village to sift through thrift store gems, hit up Veselka and leave with a giant slice of cheesecake. Then I head over to Washington Square park to watch the speed demon chess players before trekking back to Williamsburg for a session at Greehouse Yoga." (Maddy Madison)

    "Sadly, I work Sundays nights, so I'm crunched for time. But during daylight hours, I like to tourist-watch on the steps of the Met, which is sort of like bird-watching but involves more tour buses and pop-up maps of New York City." (The Hyphenate)

    "If I'm not at Felix's with my dawgs or buying new sneaks, I'm on my couch with my take-in watching in demand." (Stanley Stuyvesant)

    "As an Upper East Sider, my favorite thing to do on city Sundays (provided the weather isn't as cold as it is, say, TODAY) is to grab a friend, walk over to the Whitney, have brunch at Sarabeth's downstairs and then take in the newest exhibit. One great thing about the Whitney is that it's small, so you can do all that and have plenty of time to troll up and down Madison Ave., checking out (and maybe even buying) some new fashion finds." (Queen Samantha)

    "Well beside being a day of rest Sundays are usually my caineover (coke hangover) days, so I make sure to take it really really easy, not even go to brunch. I'll wake about 1ish, listen to the Smiths till about 3:30 or so and then slide into an easy rejuvenating evening of causal, esoteric talk and thrift store shirt hunting." (Oper8tor)

    "Having a campfire in one of the grills at Prospect Park using the stray twigs and paper found in the grass, then sending a friend go buy marshmallows. I know it's weird, and possibly illegal, but it's a good way to enjoy a chilly afternoon outdoors, and to insure your winter coat carries that 'campy' smell for the rest of the season. Mmmm, mmmm." (Brooklyn Rah Rah)

    "Brunch at Aquavit, Le Bilboquet or Nello's uptown with the Sunday Times followed by a look around James Cummins bookstore, and a stroll through the park followed by an afternoon of reading, a delectable dinner with my loved ones and an early bedtime." (J.J. Hunsecker)

    "Coffee at Ruby's, then gym for Fluidity class followed by brunch at Ideya, massage in China town, and then movies and sushi take in." (Holly Golightly)