A weekend in Montauk during the summer is like a weekend in paradise; especially if you're staying at the bohemian chic Surf Lodge. Our favorite creative brand building company Alise Collective has partnered with the trendy spot to curate an exclusive array of complimentary products for all weekend check-ins. From buzzy snacks to coveted skincare items, this minibar has everything you need for a weekend out east. 

Founder and CEO of Alise Collective, Dria Murphy is the It Girl to know in NYC and The Hamptons when it comes to lifestyle and wellness projects. She's been featured on our site plenty of times, as well as some of our favorite platforms like Harper's Bazaar, The Coveteur, and Hamptons Magazine. So, it should be no surprise to you that some of the most acclaimed brands like Well Told Health Energy Boosters, jam-packed full of matcha and organic ingredients to propel you through a night at The Surf Lodge, Charlotte Tilbury, Shiseido, Clark's Botanicals, and Sunday Forever are all a part of her exclusive, weekend minibar. The weekend essentials will also include healthy snacks like The Ranch Malibu Energy Bites, Nutshell Co. mango and turmeric bars, and Sugarfina Rosé All Day gummy bears. 

Take a look through the slideshow for more pictures of the weekend essentials. Retail value of $500. This minibar has become the "dernier cri" of Hamptons hospitality.

[Photos via Alise Collective]