Is Gurney's Taking Over Montauk?

by Christie Grimm · May 7, 2018

    What was once a tiny town of fishermen and surfers hidden all the way at the (let's be real) totally inconvenient end of Long Island, is now the summertime place to see and be seen. As an annually growing seasonal wave of restaurants, nightspots, boutiques and more continues to surge the small Hamptons village, one growing giant seems to be well on their way to taking over the town, and increasing the flood of bougie(ish) tourism. 

    Announcing its third resort, Gurney's is getting into the hotel-dropping, Montauk Monopoly spirit of things. Say goodbye to the Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina, and say hello to Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club & Resort. While it seems that this summer won't see that many changes to the location, there are some immediate upgrades that can be expected, such as new food and beverage options by LDV Hospitality (the people who brought you Scarpetta).

    The largest marina in the Hamptons, it's set to close this winter for a whopping $13 million renovation to make it worthy of the Gurney's name. So, in conclusion, it just got a little harder to find a cheap / affordable weekend hotel room out in Montauk. Though we're sure you'll still make your way there for afternoon drinks, beach days, and more.

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