The first Monday in May is quickly approaching, meaning international A-listers and fashionistas will be touching down in New York to prep for the Met Gala. More specifically, they'll be checking into the luxurious Mark Hotel, an Upper East Side celebrity favorite located just blocks away from the iconic museum.

Every year, the camera-toting crowd that surrounds The Mark's front doors gets larger and larger in the hours before the main event, with everyone from paps to superfans awaiting a mere glimpse of Anna Wintour, Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner, Gisele, or Selena Gomez making their grand exit.

While its proximity to the annual bash certainly makes it a convenient choice, the Mark's unabashed glamour has always drawn a high-end clientele. After all, it calls itself "New York's most boldly lavish hotel," and it's hardly an overstatement. From VIP services to sleek interiors, click through for an inside look at fashion's favorite place to pregame.

The Mark Hotel, 25 E 77th St.

[Photos courtesy The Mark Hotel]