The beginning of each summer season sees the blooming of more than just trees - each Hampton comes alive with new spots fresh for the perusing. And while many might be making the rush to Montauk, a host of restaurants, shops and hotels are more than making the case for the west east end. Hey - anything for a shorter train ride! One such gem is The Latch Pop-Up Inn. Once the Grand Annex to the Irving Hotel in the early 1900s, the ambiance of the refurbished five-acre retreat is charmingly rustic, with a modern allure. Tucked away in Southampton - just a stone's throw from favorite Tutto Il Giorno, and the main street drag, it's the sure to be hot spot haven to young professionals who need a Hamptons moment, sans the 3 hour schlep to The End.

Owner Steven Dubb, a certifiable, card carrying cool kid (he is Vogue's Selby Drummond's boyfriend after all), has surely breathed life back into the space. When not relaxing on the property's chaise lounges, soaking in the sunshine, Dubb has some other must-try recommendations. "My favorite spot in Southampton is Fowler Beach in the morning. I love the long drive up to the beach from Wickapogue Road. It has these open views that really make you feel like you're alone in the Hamptons, no matter how crowded it is back in town."

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