Alex McCord And Simon van Kempen Share Their Very Special Moment With Us

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 27, 2009

    At Robert Fowler, Candice McCullough, Suzanne DeMambro, and Kerry McVey's country club chic Memorial Day fete, (write up to follow),where everyone seemed to be concentrating more on their cocktails and conversation than their surroundings, a big announcement was about to be made. The crowd was hushed by a fellow party-goer, a space was cleared, and Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen took center stage in the middle of the room. No, they weren't disclosing information about the Real Housewives of New York's next season, so what was it? Alex is pregnant? More nude photos?

    Nope - It was the ten year anniversary from the day the happy couple met. And they wanted to make sure to tie in the way it occurred into their celebration considering their story is, uh, a little unusual.

    If you didn't catch the background story on the Real Housewives this season, Alex dropped to Bethenny Frankel about her and Simon meeting online. To be specific, the two of them met ten years ago on, an international dating site that no longer exists, and the always honest couple were more than willing to share their reminiscing with the party crowd on Saturday.

    Even though both McCord and van Kempen were on the search for a one night stand more than a relationship, you can't fight love apparently. And to keep things interesting on their special day Simon slipped the first email correspondence between the two - which he saved - under Alex's pillow. A romantic gesture, but we wouldn't have expected anything less from the guy. After-all, we've witnessed it all on the show.

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