Denim and Diamonds '08: Where Be The Texas Bling?

by Adam Bertrand · July 2, 2008

    roaring twenties galadenim and diamons gala

    As I mentioned earlier, Rachelle and I decided to forgo Beaches, Bays, Denim, and Diamonds for Beaded dresses and Blackjack. This decision had nothing to do with the causes; we care about finding a cure for cancer just as much, if not more than we do about caring for the terminally ill, and nature preservation is nothing to scoff at. No, the decision had nothing to do with causes and everything to do with theme and crowd.

    Beaches didn't have one at all (hello, hippie earth mother would have been awesome) and we didn't really have any diamonds to flesh out our denim, so roaring twenties it was.

    As we arrived, we saw a distinctly 21st century-attired couple making their way up the drive. "I think it's so rude when people don't wear costumes," Rachelle remarked, and I was inclined to agree. Luckily, as you can see from Zev's gorgeous photos, that couple proved to be an anomaly, but such was not the case over at the Diamond Estate in Water Mill.

    As you can see from Rob Rich's photos, there was nary a pair Tsubis to be seen, though there were plenty of precious stones. C'mon people, this was an easy one; what on earth were your excuses for not adhering to it?