Finishing Summer With A Social Life

by Adam Bertrand · September 3, 2008

    devorah and bethenny [Bethenny Frankel and Devorah Rose. Photos by Adriel Reboh for Patrick McMullan]

    I finished my summer exactly the same way I started it: At the Social Life Estate. On Memorial Day I, like hundreds of others, skated past the super tight list and walked up the long driveway to a grand manse with the most prominently well lit step and repeat (which is straight out of Hollywood). The house was a visual delight as far as sponsors and party-goers are concerned. While all of the parties are strictly A list, a few girls dressed in their prom best always managed to get in; this of course only added to the people watching factor.

    As I arrived this past Saturday night, it occurred to me that these amazing Social Life parties were like the book ends of my summer. What a successful summer it was. The first sign that I may have achieved a minor amount of recognition came when I checked in at the gates. When I used my own name (which WAS on the list), I was told that someone prior to me was using my name to try to get in. GET OUT! That was too funny. I was a little proud and no longer feel like a freshman, because of course I’ve done that in the past! Faux Doug Marshall did get in!! And the real one!

    bethenny frankel, devorah rosedouglas marshallirosenthalllevy_083008countess and jill zarin

    More story and photos below:

    devorah, kristian, annabelle

    Devorah Rose, Kristian Laliberte, Annabelle Vartanian

    This edition of the Social Life Summer Parties was to celebrate the release of the September issue with cover model Bethenny Frankel. You know Bethenny, one of my favoritie of the Real Housewives of New York and chef extraordinaire – well there is a great interview with her inside. If you have not yet checked out the Sept issue, you need to because Bethenny looks amazing and the issue is chock full of good stuff.

    koch brothersI walked up the driveway with my funny and well dressed date, Cara Thomas (of the Sagaponack Thomas’s), and we were greeted by some of my all-time faves: Adriel Reboh, Ariel Moses, Marie Assante, Kristian LaLiberte, Nick Hunt, Kerry Cassidy and I finally got to meet artist David Foote. I could have stayed outside and played in front, but needed to get in to chow down on the food from Elegante Eats.

    After being reunited with fellow members of the SUMMER 08 SHORTS MAFIA, Morten Davidsen and Jared Clark, we lamented that the 4th member of our quartet, Nick Dietz was missing. At this point I could have stopped socializing all together and watched both of the reality shows being filmed. That’s right, camera crews were of course following our girls from RHONY as they continue filming season two. But an extra treat was watching filming for the newest reality show to hit the scenes: Social Heights. This cast would include Social Life’s editor-in-chief Devorah Rose along with stars Teddy John, Kristian Laliberte, Kerry Cassidy, Derek and Daniel Koch, Annabel Vartanian and Brianna Swanson. Think the Hills of New York but with more substance (and if we’re lucky, a cameo by me). There was so much going on I couldn’t help but gawk as I talked myself out of jumping in front of the camera.

    massantegsaccoamosesAs I navigated past cameras and spotlights, I got to catch up with Timo Weiland who showed me some of the newest additions to his Timo! Brand: neckties – and they are great, so stayed tuned for them. Then I caught up with my buddies from Plum TV, Joe LaPolla and Nick Leighton. The skinny on Plum is that they are hopping on a Luxury Liner and getting off of the East End to cover Manhattan happenings for the fall… That’s right, Plum is going to be scouting New York City for the latest and greatest events, starting with Fashion Week! This, of course, means I might be coming back for some guest spots on Plum! Yippee.

    In addition to all that, Jill & Bobby Zarin, Allyson Shapiro, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona & Mario Singer, celebrity hair stylist Francky L’Official, high-powered attorney Salvatore Strazzullo, twin models Jodie and Diane Fanelli, artist David Foote and Tia Walker were among the 250+ guests on hand enjoying poolside Peroni’s, Barcardi Cocktails and Vitamin Energy drinks.

    I can’t wait to see what Social Life is going to pull out of the bag for Summer 2009! Stay tuned!


    Teddy John, Devorah Rose, Timo Weiland, Tia Walker


    Kristian Laliberte, Kerry Cassidy, Daniel Koch, Devorah Rose, Derek Koch



    Kerry Cassidy, Devorah Rose, Annabelle Vartanian


    B Lipnick, Justin Mitchell