A Hamptons 4th of July Backyard Bash Done Right With Ben Lerer And Friends

by KENDRA SEAY · July 7, 2009

    [All photos by KirillWasHere]

    Thrillist founder Ben Lerer and internet mogul turned party-throwing pro took a break from his computer to host a July 4th BBQ backyard bash in Water Mill Saturday which had every one of his patriotic party goers in for one of the rowdiest parties hosted during the Hamptons holiday weekend. Ben teamed up with pals DJ Tanner, Ryan Harwood, Emily Rotter, Perry Rahbar, David Rodolitz, Ryan Alovis, Eric Sobotka, Mike Hamilton, and Mike Hesekiel for The Independence Day throw-down complete with jello shots, bikinis, booze-filled pool floats, kegs, blow-up dolls, and a champagne sprayed crowd partying the day away poolside.