Hpnotiq Pulls Out All The Strings

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 15, 2008

    hpnotiq [Photos by Rob Rich]

    Claire learned early on about the prevalence of sponsors out here:

    "Nearly every event and venue I’ve been to out here has been heavily sponsored, with the only variation being the degree to which the product/brand is referenced in the event and venue’s title. I suppose it doesn’t make sense to foot the bill yourself if a company will do it for you, but I can’t help feeling that what you’ve saved financially you’ve lost in class." [Claire]

    "Welcome to the PR world." is all I could answer with.  I actually understand the need for sponsors on both ends, and am completely supportive of companies that are trying to promote and sell a product (this is America after all).  However, the stunts that Hpnotiq has been pulling this summer are border line overkill.  Check out the latest event they sponsored: The Bridgehampton Polo match last Saturday.  Was this event about the polo (or even the fashion?) nope, it seemed it was about the alcohol.

    Gotta love the Hpnotiq flavored candy sugar sticks though.  Genius move.  Also, their good old fashioned work ethic.  Hpnotiq was all over Surf Lodge the night before!


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    More photos below: