Kelly Killoren Bensimon Serves Up A Good Party AND Good Pie

by Adam Bertrand · May 29, 2009

    There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fresh baked blueberry pie and sweatshirts on Memorial Day weekend; especially when it’s at Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s East Hampton home. That’s right; my favorite new persona from The Real Housewives of New York and Plum TV’s Behind the Hedges had a Memorial Day party on Saturday night. Turns out, Kelly passes with flying colors for actually being a housewife with a beautiful home who threw a very classic and tasteful Memorial Day party. Kelly opened her sprawling Further Lane home (which happens to be one of the BEST addresses in East Hampton) to kick off the Summer ’09 Season in Sweatshirts. The invite strictly called for guests to bring a sweatshirt and that I did. More story and photos below...

    This party, in my opinion wins first prize for Saturday night because:

    I was personally greeted by Kelly who welcomed me into her home and she looked adorable in her sweatshirt and converse sneakers. There was no pretense here which made the environment comfortable.

    It was a down to earth party with real people and not a media circus (a la Social Life Estate)

    There was real food (homemade guacamole and salsa, fruit salad in a watermelon carved basket, BBQ chicken and FRESH WARM PIES –I will get to those later)

    You could eat as much as you wanted and not feel fat because you were in a sweatshirt.

    The hit of the party was not the model in the Dior dress or the socialite who’s made a guest appearance as herself on Gossip Girl. The hit was the fresh pies, right from the oven. On the kitchen counter in a serve-yourself-as-much-as-you-damn-well-please fashion were heaping pies and a tub of ice cream. Guests were not shy and happily chowed down on multiple pieces of pie as they gabbed about their plans for the summer in the Hamptons. Some of the more notable pie chowers were Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen – two other fellow Housewives who were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their first e mail exchange on that day. The rest of the cast were notably missing – perhaps because there were no film crews there to capture it. I didn’t get the impression that the pies were courtesy of Bethenny Bakes, either.

    Other guests that I spotted were Carter Cramer, Leah Bourne, Jared Clark, Suzanne Fuller, Liam McMullan, Nick Leighton, Devorah Rose, Kristian LaLiberte, Carol Han and Tre. There were probably many others throughout the night that I missed.

    Kelly’s friendly demeanor, gracious hostess skills and super cool house parties qualify her to be gifted with one of my home-made SINGLE threat TEAM tee-shirts. This summer I’m on TEAM Kelly!!

    Photos below by KRISTIAN LALIBERTE: