Social Life Sees Twilight Stars And Stripes At Their Fourth Of July Gatsby Bash

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 6, 2009

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    Even though we didn't see too many 1920's themed costumes at the Social Life Magazine's Gatsby: Under The Red, White and Blue July 4th Party on Saturday, we did see groups of pretty people sporting otherwise patriotic outfits and festively themed attire. Most importantly (at least in the opinion of every hot-blooded American girl there), we also saw Kellan Lutz, and as editor-in-chief Devorah Rose put it, God really did break the mold when he made the Twilight star.

    While Social Life Magazine has held three parties at their Water Mill estate this summer, this was by far the best yet, as the packed party drew an impressive and lively crowd, not only excited for the Holiday, but for the perfect weather, and brief fireworks show as well. The party was so swamped, in fact, that even if you were on the list you couldn't get in after 8pm. Looks like celebs like Kellan Lutz and 90210's Annalyn McCord really know how to draw a crowd - even if Kellan's fellow cover girl, Lydia Hearst never did show. We can tell you who did show however. Other guests included Kelly Bensimon, Simon van Kempen, Alex McCord, Jamie Jo Harris, Ally Zarin Shapiro, Jared Clark, Adriel Reboh, Mark Smith, Kristian Laliberte, Melissa Berkelhammer,Douglas MarshallAriel Moses and Ryland Hilbert. The fireworks weren't the only thing that were lighting up the night sky - the entire host committee, and many of the guests, were decked out in Kwiat diamonds. Party-goers trekked from the Social Life Estate in Water Mill over to AXE Lounge in Southampton for the after-party, continuing the night long into the early hours of July 5th.

    Update: Looks like Ms. Hearst couldn't make her hosting duties because she was recovering from gallstone problems. Oh no! What a way to spend the Fourth of July! We hope Lydia's doing much better today.