Summer Sparklers, Or Where To See Those 4th Of July Fireworks

by Adam Bertrand · June 30, 2008

    fourth of julyUnlike Easter, or Halloween, Independence Day is a holiday whose appeal has yet to lose its luster. Part of this is doubtless due to the holiday's perennial summer date, part to the history behind it, and the rest lies with the ageless appeal of the day's activities. Parades, BBQ's, and greased-watermelon contests will never go out of style, but my (and most people's) favorite tradition has a little more sizzle.

    Personal fireworks are banned in Massachusetts, but someone always managed to smuggle a case in, and by the time the last one had fizzled, the town's show would be nearly starting. Doubtless there were mosquitoes and tantrums aplenty, but all I remember now was playing Colonists vs. Brits with about 100 other kids in the surrounding woods, sneaking cupcakes out of picnic baskets, and collapsing onto faded picnic blankets to watch the neon sky. My question to you is, where on Long Island can I best relive 4ths past? Answer by voting in our poll, and many, many thanks in advance.

    [Image via Selman]