Tanteo Tequila: When "Work" Becomes "Fun"

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 5, 2008

    tanteo [Interviewing Lincoln Mayne and Jonathan Rojewski for Plum TV]

    What's more fun than having friends in the premium Tequila business?  Nothing.  A few weekends ago, at that perfectly designed Tanteo House in Bridgehampton, I had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Rojewski and Lincoln Mayne on all things Tanteo.  Whether it's a mega clam bake, a birthday party complete with famous food cart, or a Sunday Australian Burger feast, the kids running the show over at the Tanteo estate have cut no corners this summer.

    They are great examples of how making it your job doing something that you love can majorly pay off.  Plum TV will be featuring it on TV out east and online soon.  Until then, some photos to feast your fancies:

    tanteotanteo housetanteo house

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