What's Blue, Cream, and (Izzy) Gold All Over?

by Adam Bertrand · July 1, 2008

    izzy gold trunk show [Image via Essentially Emily]

    Saturday evening Rachelle and I stopped by Izzy Gold's trunk show at Jeffery Goldstein's perenially buzzing Blue and Cream. I'd never met Goldbar's music guru, but he, wearing an IG teeshirt, was very affable. Izzy's shirts are very hipster/streamlined graphic/urban-outfitteresque, and fit in very well with B&C's posh-streetwear aesthetic.

    Certainly the crowd - Kim Nochols, Alan Philips, Aimee Harris, Christina Cibetta, Devorah Rose, the very sideburned Chris Braidy, owner Jeff Goldstein and publicist Tamie Peters Thomas, Rich Thomas, Lizzy Rosenberg, and Emily Brill seemed to be feeling them. After the show, Rachelle and I headed west to Quogue, while the others followed Izzy to Surf Lodge where, post Mike Doughty, the DJ made his vocal debut.