The Hottest Hamptons Party Accessory? Trump 2024 Cups...

by Guest of A Guest · July 5, 2024

    I suppose it shouldn't really be surprising - but still, insert gigantic eye roll here, no?

    Three weeks back The Monogram Shop in East Hampton started their regular fringe election, a local poll of sorts based on how many campaign cups each candidate sells throughout the season.

    Apparently one need no longer look to the New Hampshire primary for a political prediction, as The Monogram Shop's Valerie Smith, who has owned the customization shop for 27 years, tells that the cup count has accurately predicted the outcome of each presidential election since 2004.

    "Since the polling, it constantly mentions that Trump support is low with suburban women but that is who is walking in and buying these cups."

    This year, the Biden / Harris cups are certainly not looking too hot. As of July 3rd, the democrats have sold just 410 cups compared to Trump's 926 - tallies which they update and hang in their window each day. And sure, there may be many reasons for that. Republicans certainly tend to be tackier, and what could be tackier than a custom printed plastic party cup? Save maybe a custom printed beer koozie.

    Also a possible disruptor? 

    (You know, besides Biden's bumbling debate debut.)

    Well as a special nod to the horrendous state of affairs, the shop has tossed a third printed cup into the races this year, revealing a 'Let Us Pray 2024' option.

    Either way, our biggest question? What's the lead time for printing a new democratic nominee's name on cups, and in terms of these local election laws go, do they inherit their predecessor's points?

    [Photos via The Monogram Shop]