Beware The Jellyfish!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 19, 2008


    Okay so they may not be causing as big of stir as the memorable Montauk Monster did this summer, but these tiny monsters are personally causing me a ton of grief.  Saturday, at the Surf Club in Quogue, the conversation with my newest companion went something like this:

    Friend after coming back from a dip in the ocean: "Man that was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've had in my life!" Me: "What are you talking about?!" Friend: "The jellyfish! They are all over!" Me: "Yeah the little bits that float by? Stop being such a baby! I've been in the ocean the last 3 days, just don't let it bother you, become one with the jellyfish pieces."

    Twenty minutes later I get in....I realize the extent of the Jellyfish (you literally feel like you are swimming through a tub of noodles).  it is impossible to swim, and there is definitely no "becoming one with the jellyfish".  I hope this whole situation gets sorted out by the weekend....because I absolutely HATE admitting when I'm wrong.

    To my inquisitive nephew William: THIS is what a Jellyfish looks like. I love you.