Robert Wilson's Watermill Party Keeps Us Talking

by Rachelle Hruska · July 29, 2008

    robert wilson\'s summer gala \'08


    Go HERE for more photos of this event.

    "Art is total Propaganda"

    Such were the words spread out like blood on the once-pristine white walls inside Robert Wilson's main building of the Watermill Center. The prolific German artist Jonathan Meese created the installation: Marlene Dietrich in Dr. No's Ludovico-Clinic (Dr. Baby's Erzland). And:

    "transforming Wilson's pure design into a fantastic, ever-changing assemblage of cult, kitsch, and historical relics." [Watermill Center]

    If this party is any kind of taste into the propaganda he is describing, consider me sold. It was, by far, the most interesting party I've been to this summer.

    Robert Wilson\'s Watermill Center Gala \'08Robert Wilson\'s Watermill Center Gala \'08Robert Wilson\'s Watermill Center Gala \'08