Ramona Singer And Pinot Grigio, Together Forever

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 6, 2011

    Everybody knows Ramona Singer loves her some Pinot Grigio, and Bravo seems to be using her favoritism for the white wine to their full advanatge.  Singer recently told In The Mixx at the recent Hamptons Magazine event, "Do I overdrink? No. I drink with responsibility."

    She also adds,

    "I've been on the show for four years. How can I have five businesses, be married 19 years, have a daughter who's a straight-A student? I cannot even be a ... functioning alcoholic if I had all of this stuff going on. It would be impossible. Do you ever see me fall down on TV? Do you ever see me slur my speech? Absolutely not. Do I have a drink or two with dinner? Absolutely."

    Either that or you're an alcoholic who's really good at multi-tasking, but we're on your side Ramona girl, don't let those rating-hungry producers stop you from doing your thing. When we saw Ramona at the Hamptons Magazine event, she was disappointed that her vino of choice was not available. She explained, because most other wines have that "bite" after each sip, which she does not approve of. We agreed, because we also don't enjoy the "bite", hence why we are also slaves to Pinot Grigio and she assured us that her own line of Pinot does not have it either. So thoughtful of her.

    In the meantime Ramona, we say work the alcoholic angle! It definitely calls for a lot of buzz both for the show and her Pinot line and any press is good press these days, no?