All The Cool Kids Are Doing It...Pop Pills From Lisa Perry

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 1, 2010

    For those of you with an insatiable sweet tooth (much like yours truly), or maybe a pill addiction you're trying to curb (not much like yours truly), Lisa Perry has debuted Pop Pills, a safe alternative to the notoriously pill-popping Upper East Side.


    Instead of Xanax, reach for a bottle of "keep your cool" mints to lower your stress levels, mini gum balls instead of Prozac "to make you smile," and gummy bears rather than Adderall "to ace a test."  While we're not entirely sure just how well gummy bears will increase your GPA, we do think the idea behind it is pretty darn cute.

    The newest addition to her Madison Avenue flagship store, the display was inspired by Damien Hirst's "Medicine Cabinet" installations, showcasing bottles of pills in $20 quick-fix bottles or $25 heavy doses.  Lisa Perry also has a Hamptons outpost, located at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, as well as an online store.

    We suggest stocking the medicine cabinet of this summer's share house with a collection of these sweet treats...much safer (and socially acceptable) than forcing your housemates to stage some sort of actual intervention.