Hipster Puppies Reveal What We Are Really Thinking About Hipsters

by Maggie McGlinchy · July 13, 2011

    Here it is people, yet another way to scoff at the especially obnoxious sect of the population known as hipsters: hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com. It's genius. Why you ask? Well, two reasons. The first is that people love to make fun of hipsters, so it was automatically destined for success, but the second reason is that dogs doing humans things is always funny. Period. I'm not talking just dressed in human clothes, I mean posed so it looks like they too are enjoying a hot cup of Starbucks and have to wear reading glasses, as seen to the left...

    And lastly, this tumblr really takes it away with all the captions for their photos. Here are a few examples:

    rick accidentally smoked all the cigarettes he was getting his girlfriend for valentine’s day

    king loves using the word “locavore” and one day plans to look up what it means

    charlie has a big night planned of listening to 78s, drinking absinthe and alienating another okcupid date

    ok, just between you and me, this shit would work way better with gears

    See what I'm saying?? Plus, we already knew the way hipsters dressed was absurd, but that absurdity is only magnified times like, a bajillion when its on a dog.

    penny fears kindles because “then how are people going to know what you’re reading?”

    petey probably should have washed out his altoid case before snorting coke from it

    bonno will pay $15 for a drink but refuses to pay for music

    the four food groups according to digit: taco truck, taco truck, taco truck, beer

    maeby’s college radio show features a lot of dead meadow and a lot of dead air

    So go ahead and reblog tumblrs, you have my approval! (Not that you needed but, you know.)

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