Lilybug Scooters

by Adam Bertrand · May 23, 2008

    [Photo via Dan's Hamptons]

    Nightlife in the Hamptons is very different from nightlife in the city. You may recognize the club names, bottle hosts, and DJs, but there is one thing missing: public/mass transportation. You can't just hop on the train or hail a taxi, and a DWI/DUI is out of the question. What is a tequila lover to do?

    You call Lilybug Scooters. If you need a driver on short notice, a fully insured driver comes to you on a folding scooter. A DiBlasi R7E to be exact. The driver puts the scooter in the trunk of your car (in a case!) and drives you home. The driver then hops on their scooter back to headquarters.

    Sounds easy enough. Lilybug Scooters operates in Southampton, Hampton Bays, Shinnecock, North Sea, Water Mill, Bridge Hampton, and East Hampton. They'll even come pick you up way out in West Hampton if you book in advance.

    A driver can be booked for $50 an hour (2 hour minimum) or for an individual trip where rates are calculated by distance. $100 is a lot cheap than the $250 you'll have to shell out under the "zero tolerance" law.

    If you know ahead of time you'll need a driver, like after the Bridgehampton Polo Match, email If it's 4am and you realize no one in your party can drive call 866.678.LILY (5459). Put it in your phone now so you don't forget. There's no reason not to go out and have a good time and Lilybug Scooters ensures you'll make it home safely.

    Written by: Brittany Mendenhall