Left Hand

Coffee-lovers of Montauk, rejoice! Left hand is the artisanal coffee shop that we've been waiting for; no longer do you have to grab your morning cup of joe from 7-Eleven. Located in the heart of downtown Montauk in the former Coffee Tauk space, Left Hand is bound to become a Hamptons staple. Currently they offer both dark and light roast drips, a house espresso blend, and a single origin espresso from Colombia. But that's not all - what would summer in Montauk be without iced coffee? Left Hand also offers a Yamas drip cold brew, which is a 12-hour Japanese brewing process as part of their "quality over convenience" approach. They also offer a respectable selection of curated teas from Brooklyn's Belloqc Tea Atelier. We promise, starting your Montauk morning with a visit to Left Hand is starting your Montauk morning on a high note. Left HandLeft HandLeft HandLeft Hand [Photos by Noah Fecks]
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